Crystal -

General Manager
Crystal started her career in HVAC in 2002.  She worked as Territory sales for the past 10 years prior to joining the Blue Crab family in 2014.  She has done everything from installing to managing a service department.  She studied HVAC controls in 2008 and quickly followed with her EPA 608 certification.  Crystal's motto is “I can do anything the boys can do but better”.  If you are looking for excellent customer service she is your girl..

Jeremie -

Assistant Director of Education
Retired from the U.S. Coast Guard after 21 years of service.  He has worked in the HVAC&R field for over 17 years, primarily working on large commercial refrigeration, heating and cooling systems.  Jeremie provided instruction and curriculum development for the Coast Guard for over 6 years specializing in HVAC&R.  He has been instructing various HVAC&R civilian programs for over 5 years and has been recognized for his quality and thorough instructional methods.

Gwen -

Marketing Representative
Gwendaline is the marketing representative for Blue Crab Appliance Parts.  She has 17 years of experience in the marketing field and a a degree in Psychology.  Gwen enjoys talking to people and works incredibly hard at establishing a long-term, loyal customer base.  She is very adept at conveying the benefits of our products and services and will certainly answer any of your questions.

Dave -

Owner / Director of Education
Served 22 years in the U.S. Coast Guard and retired twice, first in 1996 and again in 2005. I am a master electrician and have experience in HVAC as well as construction work. I taught commercial appliance repair at the USCG Yorktown Training Center and classes in NEC. In opening Blue Crab Appliance Parts, Inc., I hope to be able to help homeowners repair and maintain their appliances. This not only saves money but it also keeps appliances out of the landfills. Most repair work is easier than people think.

Our Team

About Us

Blue Crab Appliance Parts, started simply as the dream of a retired Coast Guard Chief Electrician and opened its doors in July of 2010.  His ideal was to provide a quality product to his customers at an affordable price and give them the knowledge and confidence to effectively complete their own repairs.  Dave would always test his customers components, when it was possible, to ensure they indeed were replacing the correct component.  On numerous occasions, he would provide his customers with step by step instructions to properly test or install parts.  Since then his ideals have not changed he has simply created new ways to help his customers.  At a time when household budgets are tight, there has been a surge in do-it-yourself interest, however there has been a shortage in reliable training facilities that cater to the homeowner and not just professionals.  Dave quickly realized this and established Blue Crab Technical Academy in July 2014 to provide training to homeowners as well as the HVAC and appliance repair professionals.  Dave and his team continue to live by the ideals that have allowed him to maintain his dream and will always provide you with a friendly and expert service.

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