Module 6 Thermostats & AC Install
(3 hr Lecture)

Module 7 Mid-term
(3hr Lecture / 3 hr Exam)

Module 8 Air Conditioning Installation, Troubleshooting, and Service (39 hr Lab)

Module 9 Certification
(9 hr Practical assessment)

Contact Hours: 72 hours
Prerequisites: HVAC 101 & R-410A Safety
Cost: please call 757-651-1007
Text/Reference: Modern Refrigeration and Air
Conditioning (Purchased separately)
Course Outline:

Module 1 HVAC-101 Review
(3hr Lecture)

Module 2 Compressors
(3hr Lecture)

Module 3 Valves & Metering Devices
(3hr Lecture)

Module 4 Ductless Air Conditioning Systems
(3 hr Lecture)

Module 5 Central Air Conditioning Systems
(3hr Lecture)

HVAC 201

This course provides a more hands on experience to the concepts learned previously in HVAC 101. Students will complete numerous lab projects to gain proficiency with the fundamentals of air conditioning and refrigeration theory as well as mechanical and electrical troubleshooting.

We at Blue Crab Technical Academy recognize the need for a skilled and well educated workforce. Our goal is to provide an environment that will meet the educational requirements and needs of both future HVAC technicians as well as their employers.

Our trade is projected to grow 14 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average of all other occupations. Couple that with the continual technological advancements being made in the industry and we will soon find a significant shortage of qualified technicians. Blue Crab Technical Academy is dedicated to keeping our trade strong through education, validation and networking.

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