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Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Safety

This course is made up of two 8 hour units of instruction. 

Unit 1: Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Safety, is designed to provide technicians with an understanding of the safety requirements for servicing systems that contain EPA SNAP approved flammable refrigerants.

Unit 2: Lokring Service Training, is designed to provide technicians with an overview of the products available through American Vulkan Corporation and the endless applications for Lokring solder-free tube connections. Students will participate in both classroom and hands-on training exercises to ensure mastery of the installation and servicing processes associated with Lokring tube connections.

Course Objectives:

Identify Uses of Hydrocarbons as Refrigerants

- Environmental Impact

- Advantages

- Applications & Availability

Summarize HC Regulations and Standards

- Approved HC refrigerants

- Restricted uses and applications

- Labeling

- Liability Concerns

Identify Refrigerant Properties and Safety

- Safety classifications

- Flammability hazards

- MSDS & Health hazards

- Rated Equipment

- Cylinder safety

- Confined spaces

Explain Servicing Procedures

- Compressor removal & installation

- Brazing & mechanical joints

- Sparking hazards

- Leak & pressure testing

- Recovery, evacuation & charging

- Rated replacement parts

Summarize various Lokring applications
- HVAC & appliance applications
- Advantages
- Availability
Assemble Lokring tube connections
- Micrometer measurements
- Tubing construction
- Fitting selection
- Material preparation
- Installation